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Comprehensive Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations
Our audiologist is trained to perform fully comprehensive evaluations of all parts of your hearing system.  A visual inspection of your outer ear will be performed and any wax build-up will be removed.  Middle ear testing will ensure that your eardrum and middle ear bones are operating as they should.  Finally, audiometric testing will determine your hearing sensitivity and measure any amount of hearing loss that you may have.  Spoken words and tones will be used to measure this.  Also, your word understanding will be measured to fully determine the amount of damage that may be present.

Hearing Aid Consultation
After your hearing evaluation, the results will be shared with you.  At this point, the audiologist will begin a discussion of what situations you have the most trouble hearing in as well as what you hope to gain from a hearing aid.  The most appropriate hearing aid for your hearing loss, lifestyle and personal preference will be selected.  Impressions of your ear canals may be taken for certain types of hearing aids, while other types of aids to not require this.

Hearing Aid Fitting
Your new hearing aids will typically be ready for you within two weeks.  At the time of your hearing aid fitting, you can expect several things.  First, the hearing aids will be placed in your ears and several tests will be done.  Real-Ear measurements will be taken to ensure that the hearing aids are set appropriately for your hearing loss.  After this measurement, the audiologist can make any other adjustments necessary to make the hearing aids as comfortable as possible.  You will be taught how to use the hearing aid, change the battery, insert and remove the hearing aid in your ears, and maintenance and cleaning of the hearing aid.  You will be scheduled with a follow-up appointment in one or two weeks at which time you will have a better idea of what adjustments you may like.

Real Ear Measurement Verification
North Florida Center for Hearing and Balance is one of few audiology clinics in North Florida where Real Ear measurements can be made on all makes and models of hearing aids.  Using a special piece of equipment, small microphones are placed inside of your ears with your hearing aids.  The machine plays a spoken passage and the output of the hearing aids is recorded.  The audiologist can then adjust your hearing aids to best match the targets that are prescribed for you based on your hearing loss.  There is no other way to properly ensure that hearing aids are playing sounds exactly as they should be in your ears.  This is a very important step in any hearing aid fitting.

Hearing Aid Services
Hearing aids from any manufacturer can be inspected and repaired if necessary.  Some repairs are simple and can be done in our office while you wait.  Some repairs require that the hearing aids be sent away for repair, and we can also accommodate this.  Also, if you have hearing aids that were purchased elsewhere and you would like the settings on them adjusted, we will be more than happy to work with you.


American Academy of Otolaryngology

N. Fl. Center for Hearing & Balance philosophy is to provide our patients with high- quality, cost-effective health care.

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